It has become more apparent recently that flat roofing in Calgary is getting popular, especially in commercial properties.

Find out why many people are now looking for the best Calgary flat roofing contractor a

  • The Roof Space Becomes Usable

One of the best perks of having flat roofing in Calgary is that you’ll have a whole new space to utilize as you please.

If you decide to have a flat roof, there are plenty of ways you can use the area, whether it’s a roof patio, garden, green roof, etc.

Try to decide on the use before the roof installation, however, because the way you use your roof might affect the way it’s designed.

  • They’re Durable & Offer Good Protection

Another great thing about choosing flat roofing in Calgary is the fact that they’re one of the most durable types, especially with Calgary’s unexpected weather.

Leaks and any kind of water damage will be a long shot and you won’t have to stress about it with flat roofing.

  • They are More Energy Efficient

If you’re looking to play your part and reduce your carbon footprint, having flat roofing could be a step towards that.

Other than doing it for the environment, it’ll also save you lots of money on energy bills, which is why flat roofing in Calgary is a popular choice for commercial businesses.

The way flat roofing systems work makes UV rays bounce right off them because of their reflective nature which explains why they’re energy-saving.

Another great feature they possess is that they can be easily insulated to keep the cool air inside during the summer and prevent heat loss during the winter which will further lower the cost of your bills.

  • They Cost Less Than Other Types

Now to the most important reason behind why flat roofing in Calgary is so popular: it’s cheap!

Having a basic design makes flat roofing require a minimal amount of material, not to mention that its easy installation decreases the time of labor needed, and therefore will cost less money.

There are different factors that determine the price of flat roofing in Calgary starting with the size and material used in the building location and the amount of labor needed.

Best Material for Flat Roofing in Calgary

These are the best and most common types of Calgary flat roofing material used by most contractors:

  1. EPDM, which is basically rubber, is one of the best materials that you can use for flat roofing.

This is due to being the most durable with material like a car tire which makes it very resistant to weather conditions.

It’s known to be affordable, easy to install, and has long durability.

  • Modified bitumen is another common material used in flat roofing and it’s basically made of a combination of asphalt with a variety of rubbers.

This material is applied by heat using a torch down roofing and they’re highly resistant and can be easily replaced if damaged.

  • TPO Roofing, which is made from polymerizing polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber together. Its best feature is that it doesn’t absorb heat but reflects it, keeping the temperature cooler inside.
  • Roofing Felt might be the top choice for flat roofing since it’s known to offer the best value for money.

It may not be the best when it comes to durability, but its maintenance is very affordable, and it can still withstand severe weather.

Tips to Choose Your Calgary Flat Roofing Service

While many people believe they can install a flat roof by themselves, it is in fact, something that should be only done by professionals.

To choose a company for flat roofing in Calgary, you need to conduct thorough research for companies and contractors in your area.

You want to choose someone who can identify the best flat roofing material and design that will go best with the property, whether it’s residential or commercial.

That’s why in your research, you need to prioritize looking for two major aspects: credentials and experience.

Having a valid local license to operate as well as an extensive portfolio of similar previous work can guarantee you’ll get the best service.

You need to also make sure they are following all safety procedures and have adequate insurance in case of any emergency.